It takes an adventurous person to decide to be a
Voider.Being a Voider is not a bad term but can have two meanings,
For those who have embraceed the void of space this is the accepted meaning.
Voiders can also refer to people give up citizenship within a Corporation, mainly for a grievous crime, thus avoiding their responsibility.
Not many Citizens would leave the comforts of corporate life so know very little of what it is like to live on the edge of death.
Melior Via
- The iconic ship that provides the crew with the small comforts of home and is the back drop for their story. A recreateational vehicle modified to include military spec 'options' making this the courier ship for the discerning customer.
 Sara - Kick ass captian of the Melior Via.
 Cris - Owner/operator of the Melior Via,
Shimasani Ojibway for Grandmother
 Floyd - Mechanic/engineer on the Melior Via.
 Cary - Hired security, because not all discerning customers are agreeable.

Friends for those with questionable moral and ethics are the ones who seem to be left behind but the friends, the reals ones, the ones who will risk it for you, in space these friends are hard to find.

 Mouse - Information broker and corporate negoitiator.
 Sinclair - Self proclaimed genius, if he could stay sober.
 Tannel - Single father, maintenance at EC comm. Not many people can say that.

 Julian Marks - Long serving President of the Academy of Science. A complex character, he often makes decisions on technologies that have enormous consequences. By approving research he directs (or inhibits) the development of humanity, and is aware of his bias in favour of preserving human life at all costs. Despite being a flawed individual slightly corrupted by limitless power, he is fundamentally a compassionate intelligent man who inspires the most noble qualities in the people around him.

 CEO Lamandre - Head of the Council of Aligned Systems. Leading Businessman. Highly intelligent with an unspoken dedication to promoting human progress, exceptional long term vision, willing to make material sacrifices for the greater good, smart enough to evade direct responsibility. Widely criticized for decisions that cost lives.




 EC - MMC, How the corportation are protected.

 CCR (Concern for Corporate Refugees) An EC funded organization that represent corporate citizens who have been deported and are considered unemployed refugees.

 Hewlett Cafe - Independent spaceport & market without official oversight. Home of Sinclair, smartest man in the galaxy, who has to drink to supress his intelligence in order to avoid frustration in the daily world. As the owner of the main location for black market trading, he is an active participant in a busy self sustaining sub-economy. If you want something done, go to Sinclair.

 Madam Wise (brothel) - What ever your fantasy, just make sure you can pay

 Historical Society -

 'Home' - A partialy terraformed moon orbiting Aug Sigma. Seeing As Aug Signa was not considered a usable planet no one wanted the moon. The realestate agent made an offer agreeable with Cary who paid with money obtained from selling stolen drugs. Is is here that Cary's story starts.

Short stories made up from a collection of words ready leap up and kiss your eyes.
 Eve and tom
 Priestess O'Nozin
 The Retreat of Aug Sigma

Graphic novels about the VK Battleships with the depth and vastness of space they explore

Progressive storytelling.

CorpWars is what is called a 'Progressive Story' designed to have diferent levels of immeresivness whoolly dependent on the viewer.

The story is designed to provide the opportunity for anyone the contribute their stories adding to the richness of the experience for everyone. which inheriently means that the story will never be finished

What kind of history do you want.