Where to begin . . .

Destiny destinē - noun: destiny; plural noun: destinies
The actions or events needed to be done that are necessary for a person or a group to bring about the future.

 What if you woke up to a future where humanities incredible steps out into the depths of space has given us new worlds to live on, where it is common to see four or five generations of a family living together, where mercenaries and assassins need insurance to legally operate and clones do the work for those that can afford . . . let me not get too far ahead.

 In this future imagine that being dead is no hinderance to be chosen for a mission, where you've had the opportunity to plan for this mission in a previous life, given the means and the abilities to fulfill the mission. Not because of who you are, but simply because of a mistake you made resulting in you being a convenient choice, not just to save all of humanity, but all of life . . . whether you want to or not.

Now, imagine you forgot.

Well, maybe it's not that you forgot, but rather something was done to you to make you forget.

"My name is Cary, I have something I need to do . . ."

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